For centuries, many great quotes have been handed down to us from wise folk. Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Roman… We should forever remember and learn from those great minds.

Some say, “Why re-invent the wheel?” Some have tried, but it’s a pointless exercise, the wheel is perfect in its shape and form! There is, however, no harm in re-inventing the cart which is carried by the wheel.

Carts have been with us for possibly as long as the wheel. Imagine the total weight the cart and two wheels have carried over a millennium. Indeed, they work hard, and they need to be reliable and trustworthy for the tasks we have burdened them with.

Gone are the days of heavy solid wood and iron to combine their strength. In more recent times, plastic or wire mesh caging has been the replacement. Both have their negatives; environmentally or long term, structurally sound from corrosion.

Industrial and technological evolution is how we advance. The “mend-and-make-do” mentality and necessity was 75 years ago, but we shouldn’t accept sub-standard / throwaway products in which today’s society has become accustomed to and readily accepts as the norm. Most of us are now waking up and understanding that cheap disposable products can’t continue if we can make a difference.

Quote, “Buy cheap – Buy twice”.

We at Dura-Cart searched for new ways to solve several problems and weaknesses with the cart of this and future generations.

We wanted a cart:
  • Which will not rot or rust
  • Which is extremely light, but provides a large square footprint
  • Which is built as strong as an ant, carrying 7 times its own weight
  • Which has a higher under carriage to floor clearance
  • Which is Durable

After achieving the aforementioned, there was one major advancement which would re-invent the cart for modern society, and it needed to be conveniently portable and transportable for most situations – Uniquely foldable – A central concertina design.

Constructed wholly from Aluminium, a material which is highly sustainable, environmentally friendly and almost endlessly recyclable, we could not provide a better product to address all of the above!

Dura-Cart is the alternative to the current and future needs for so many users:

  • Track & Water Side
  • Catering & Hospitality
  • Exhibitor & Crew Set-up and Strip-down
  • Event & Stall Holder
  • Gardening & Outdoor
  • Yard & Stable
  • Tradespeople
  • Camping & Leisure
  • Warehousing
  • Festivals

          And so much more…